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Craftsman Wrenches 1 1/4

This is a great set of 12 craftsman 1/4 wrenches that are combinations of the 6 points sae. They come with a tool head that is 1/4 inches across, a end that is 3/4 inches across, and a jaws that is 1/4 inches across. They are a great set for use in the forge, kitchen, or other commercial task.

Craftsman 15pc 1/2" Drive SAE 12pt Sockets Set New Hand Tool

Best Craftsman Wrenches 1 1/4 2022

This craftsman 1/4 wrenches is a great value for your money. This wrench is a sae 12pt combination wrench standard open box wrench and is perfect for any tasks that involve using hand tools. The wrenches are made with high quality materials and are sure to make a difference in the tasks you take on.
this is a great set of two wrenches- one is a 0. Rica the other is a 0. 4" bit. They are both automatic
this is a craftsman 1/4 wrenches. It comes with a 10-pc. Sae ratcheting combination ratchet wrench set. The set consists of:
1. Craftsman 1/4" wrench
2. White 3" stainless steel ratchet head wrenches
3. Black 3" stainless steel ratchet head wrenches
4. Green 3" stainless steel ratchet head wrenches
5. And 6. It can be used tonerically or collegues with other sets.
this is a great set for those looking for a effective ratchet tool. It is also a great set to use in the household such as a householder who wants to be able to get the job done quickly and easily.